Demolition of former TAFE site underway.

Demolition of the 3.8 hectare former Challenger TAFE facility at 11-15 Grosvenor Street Beaconsfield has commenced and will take several months to complete.

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What is happening?

What to expect

The initial site works will involve the establishment of a site compound, installation of perimeter fencing, removal of all furniture and equipment, and disconnection of services. The demolition works will follow, which will be undertaken by a licensed contractor with experience in safe extraction, handling, removal and transportation of asbestos and other demolition materials. Prior to the commencement of mechanical demolition external auditors certify that all buildings are free of hazardous materials.

As crews mobilise to site and works begin, local residents and businesses in the immediate area may notice an increase in noise and traffic movement. All works will be scheduled between 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Saturday, and the contractors will implement measures to mitigate noise where possible.

Dust control during the demolition process will be managed in a number of ways, including the installation of wind proof fencing, the use of water carts and the application of dust suppressants.

Plans for the future redevelopment of the site are yet to be determined, however consultation with key stakeholders will commence following demolition.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Community and stakeholder engagement

DevelopmentWA appreciates the works may have some impacts on nearby residents, businesses, and the local community. The project team will work in collaboration with the appointed contractors to implement all reasonable mitigation measures to minimise these impacts.

Further information, including regular project updates, will be provided to key stakeholders and the surrounding community as the works progress.

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We also encourage you to reach out to our team via the 24 hour phone number 1800 271 184 or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Latest Updates

Please see our Challenger TAFE Demolition Project Updates. These Updates hope to provide an overview of the latest news, upcoming activities and work, and plans for community engagement to help us understand all potential impacts and where possible to plan accordingly.

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