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April - June 2022

Revised scope and timeframe

There has been a comprehensive review of the project’s program to accommodate additional works. These include:

  • Demolition of the two-storey car park, former childcare centre and Thomas St underpass ramps and stairs
  • Bulk earthworks to facilitate the future redevelopment of the site
  • Additional time to remove all hazardous materials from the buildings prior to mechanical demolition.

The revised program has works being completed early 2023.

Chimney stack

Work is underway to repair and maintain the chimney stack as a landmark feature within the development.

Roberts Road buildings

The remaining two buildings on Roberts Road are planned for demolition later this year, once it has been independently certified that all hazardous materials have been removed and they are safe to demolish.

Slab removal

Work is continuing to remove slabs and footings, and clear the underlying sand of debris in anticipation of future development.

Managing demolition impacts

The most common impacts from demolition works are likely to be noise, dust and vibration. The project team uses a range of measures to reduce these impacts on our neighbours.
  • Dust

    The project team operates a dust management plan which includes:

    • 'Damping down' the site using water carts, water cannons and misters
    • Assessing prevailing wind directions and adjusting the works schedule to reduce the risk of dust plumes.
    • On site dust monitors which provide real time data and trigger alerts if dust limits are exceeded.
  • Noise

    The project team has a noise management plan which prescribes the noise levels that are allowed for works of this kind. This includes:

    • Ensuring working hours are adhered to (7am to 6pm, Mon - Saturday)
    • Using noise monitors on site to provide real time data and trigger alerts if noise limits are exceeded.
    • Working with Perth Modern School to adjust the works schedule where possible to minimise noise impacts on students during exam times.
  • Vibration

    Vibration is a potential impact of the demolition process. It is managed by:

    • Real time vibration monitoring that triggers alerts if vibration limits are exceeded.
    • Property condition reports offered to property owners within the surrounding area so that any changes in property condition during/after the demolition can be assessed.

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