Redevelopment planning underway

DevelopmentWA is well progressed in the planning for the redevelopment of the former TAFE site in close collaboration with the City of Fremantle and Department of Communities.

The redevelopment of the former TAFE site will include:

  • A new residential community, which will include some affordable and social housing options, largely medium density;
  • A mix of housing types, including single residential lots, townhouses, grouped housing and apartments;
  • Community facilities (e.g. playground, BBQ areas); and
  • Mature tree retention and public open spaces.

October 2022 consultation outcomes

Between 10-28 October 2022, we sought feedback from the community and stakeholders to help us design a place that reflects the aspirations of the people who live, work and play in the area.

Building on the outcomes of the City's "The Heart of Beaconsfield" consultation, we asked for your ideas about the redevelopment of the site around housing and buildings, sustainability, public open space and access.

We would like to thank the local community and stakeholders for providing their valuable inputs and insights.

A summary of the feedback from the consultation is available to view in the Document Library at the bottom right of this page.

Local Structure Plan endorsed by City of Fremantle

The project's Local Structure Plan (LSP) was released by the City of Fremantle for a 42-day public comment period between 25 August - 6 October 2023.

At the City of Fremantle's Ordinary Meeting of Council on 6 December 2023, Council recommended that the Western Australian Planning Commission approve the proposed Precinct Structure Plan, subject to the following modifications:

1. Designation of ‘café / restaurant’ and ‘community purpose’ as additional uses over part of the R160-coded area adjacent to the Public Open Space.

2. Inclusion of a detailed purpose statement in Part 1.2 of the proposed Structure Plan report.

3. Replacement of “eight storeys” in Part of the Structure Plan report with ‘five storeys'.

The minutes from the Council meeting on 6 December 2023 contain further details, including a summary and addressing of public submissions received during the public comment period.

The Western Australian Planning Commission has 120 days to reach a determination, anticipated by mid-2024.

Traffic Impact Assessment

Part of the planning work for the site was to undertake a Traffic Impact Assessment, which was conducted in early 2023.

The full technical report is available in the Local Structure Plan on the City of Fremantle's website here.

See the Frequently Asked Questions on the right of this page for a summary of the key findings of the Traffic Impact Assessment.

Project map

More information

The former TAFE site was used for many decades as a training ground for a range of trades and careers, particularly building and construction, carpentry, business and hospitality.

The former TAFE site is now under the management of DevelopmentWA. Demolition of the site commenced early April 2022 and was completed in December 2022. The site will now undergo a 12-month period to remediate the soil.

Plans for the future redevelopment of the site, including the sales delivery model, are yet to be determined and will be shaped by consultation with the community, City of Fremantle and key stakeholders.

Social housing commitment

The former TAFE site forms part of the broader Beaconsfield Redevelopment Project, which includes the Davis Park Precinct.

DevelopmentWA recognises that everyone should be able to access housing they can afford based on their income and the type of home that meets their needs, including social and affordable housing. As the population continues to grow, we understand that there is a need to contribute to a diverse range of quality housing options across Western Australia.

Through the redevelopment of the TAFE site, DevelopmentWA is contributing to the State Government’s target of 3,300 new social housing dwellings over four years across our metropolitan and regional portfolios.

The Beaconsfield Redevelopment Project is approximately 14-hectares of land and comprises the Davis Park precinct and the Beaconsfield TAFE site.

The Department of Communities owns 98% of all dwellings within the Davis Park Precinct and DevelopmentWA owns the Beaconsfield former TAFE site.

The Department of Communities and DevelopmentWA are working together to identify the constraints and opportunities within the area to optimise staged development.

The Beaconsfield Redevelopment Project area falls within the City of Fremantle’s “The Heart of Beaconsfield” masterplan area. The masterplan provides an indication of how multiple sites in The Heart of Beaconsfield might develop over time to capitalise on the suburb’s great attributes, and to facilitate further improvements along the way. It was formulated in consultation with key landowners and the community, providing a vision for how various community objectives might be met over time.

The outcomes of consultation held in October 2022 have helped guide the development of a draft Concept Plan (released in March 2023) and the preparation of the Local Structure Plan.

These documents set out the way the land is to be used and developed. DevelopmentWA and its planning consultant are also working with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and the City of Fremantle to determine the optimal planning process for the site.

The project's Local Structure Plan (LSP) has been released by the City of Fremantle for a 42-day public comment period between 25 August - 6 October 2023.

The public comment period provides an opportunity to review the LSP, which sets out how the land is intended to be developed and provides a broad planning framework for the site.

The LSP document and public submission process, including details of two community engagement events, can be accessed here on the City of Fremantle's website.

Late 2023 - City of Fremantle considers LSP public submissions and reports to WA Planning Commission.

Late 2023 - mid-2024 - WA Planning Commission considers the LSP.

Mid-2024 - 2025+ - subdivision process, sales and construction.

Please note that these timings are indicative and subject to change.

If you have any questions about the project, please view the FAQs and documents available for download in the Document Library.

The project team is also available to respond to your enquiries. Email or call 1800 271 184 (8.30am-5pm, Mon-Fri)