Broome North - Structure Plan amendments

Project Overview

Broome North is a masterplanned 700ha development. Once complete, it will double the size of Broome, providing housing, business opportunities and community facilities for a population of approximately 12,400 new residents.

Broome North comprises a future shopping centre, four schools, Blue Haze light industrial precinct, and three residential estates, the first of which is Waranyjarri Estate.

DevelopmentWA have made amendments to three Structure Plans for Broome North – the District Structure Plan and two Local Structure Plans (2 and 3). These amendments have been made to align with the Shire of Broome’s Local Commercial Strategy (2017) and general statutory planning requirements of the Western Australian Planning Commission. DevelopmentWA submitted these amendments to the Shire of Broome in August 2021.

These amendments will progress the delivery of future retail, commercial, education and public infrastructure, such as environmental corridors, parks and drainage.
Public comment period now closed

The Shire of Broome invited public comment on the proposed Structure Plan amendments between 22 September and 4 November 2021. The public comment period is now closed. Submissions will now be considered and a technical assessment will be undertaken. A planning report outlining the proposed amendments and community feedback will then be prepared and presented by council officers for the Shire of Broome's consideration.

For further information, visit the Shire of Broome or email

The amended Structure Plans propose the following key changes to the existing approved planning framework:

  • The inclusion of a new (larger) District Centre in lieu of a local centre to be located on the corner of Gubinge Road and Fairway Drive in Local Structure Plan 3 (refer to details below). This aligns with the Shire’s adopted Local Commercial Strategy (2017).
  • The removal of the proposed Local Centre between Shingoro Street and Magabala Road, as supported by Council on 25 February 2021, to allow provision of a new stage of approximately 33 single residential lots and a child care centre in Waranyjarri Estate.
  • Relocation of the proposed Broome North district open space in Local Structure Plan 2 (refer to details below), as presented to the Shire of Broome on 25 October 2018, to a new location north of Fairway Drive and the relocation of the proposed Private School Site in Local Structure Plan 2.


The District Structure Plan applies to the whole Broome North development area. The District Structure Plan is the overarching guide in the preparation of Local Structure Plans. Changes to the District Structure Plan are needed any time there are changes to land uses, road alignments or other major infrastructure items which usually happens whenever Local Structure Plans are updated.

What's changed?

Updates to the District Structure Plan to align with the Shire of Broome’s Commercial Strategy are summarised as follows:

  • The Shire of Broome’s Local Commercial Strategy has amended the Local Centre site between Shingoro Street and Magabala Road from a “Proposed commercial site” to a “residential site”. This is to enable development for low density home sites, similar to those in the surrounding area. A proposed Child Care Centre site located opposite the primary school will remain present as a future development opportunity.
  • The removal of the proposed Local Centre was supported by Council on 25 February 2021, to allow provision of a new stage of approximately 33 single residential lots in Waranyjarri Estate to help meet current housing demand.
  • The inclusion of a new (larger) District Centre in lieu of a local centre to be located on the corner of Gubinge Road and Fairway Drive.
  • The section of Tanami Drive between Magabala Road and Shingoro Street will be built when the site is developed for residential lots.


The Local Structure Plan 2 has been prepared to guide the subdivision and development of 94.07 hectares of land located west of Broome Road and north of the developed Broome North Stage 1 area. The Structure Plan supports a mix of residential lots, as well as providing for District Playing Fields, a future Kindy to Year 12 private school, a Horizon Power sub-station and other areas of public open space. Once developed it is anticipated that the Structure Plan area could accommodate approximately 1,900 people within 677 dwellings.

What's changed?

1. Relocation of the proposed District Open Space to a new location north of Fairway Drive.

The new location allows for development of a larger District Open Space aligning with the Shire of Broome's Sport and Recreation Plan. The relocation also enables more residential lots to be created which will assist with land supply to meet housing demand.

2. Redesign the linear open space and drainage network to allow for development of two neighbourhood parks.

To reduce the number of smaller parks in favour of the larger, more useable neighbourhood parks for the community and also assist with managing bushfire risk in accordance with State Policy.

3. Relocation of the Motocross Track.

To support quieter neighbourhoods and the removal of noise restrictions on residential development in the eastern part of the Structure Plan area.

4. Updates to the overall local structure plan design in accordance with the above changes which have enabled a increase in the proportion of land designated to urban living.

‘Urban living’ designation allows for a wider variety of lot sizes to increase housing choice and improve affordable housing options in Broome.


The Local Structure Plan 3 relates to the 20.35ha portion of Lot 504 south of Tanami Drive.

What’s changed:

This Local Structure Plan amendment proposes a new District Centre in the southern portion of the Local Structure Plan 3 area, adjacent to Gubinge Road. The key design features are summarised below:

  • The District Centre may incorporate up to approximately 10,000m2 of retail floorspace (such as a supermarket, specialty shops, cafés/restaurants) and some commercial and community-related floorspace (for example, medical centre, gym, office).
  • The District Centre site area is approximately 6.8ha and would accommodate buildings, parking and access, servicing/deliveries, internal and outdoor spaces, landscaping and drainage with a substantial area for other retail, commercial and community uses to be incorporated into the site.
  • There is the opportunity for a café/restaurant near the Fairway Drive-Sirius Way main entrance.
  • Loading/service areas are located away from residential development, and screened by the existing landscape.
  • The main parking areas are accessed immediately from Fairway Drive.
  • Access to the District Centre is provided via two entrances on Fairway Drive, as well as from the north from Tanami Drive.
The modified Local Structure Plan 3 aligns with the recommendations of the Shire of Broome’s updated Local Commercial Strategy (2017), indicates that based on anticipated population growth to 2031, there will for a need for a new District Centre within the Shire of Broome that could include a supermarket, specialty food, liquor, food catering and other businesses on a single site.

Further information relating to the structure plan amendments, including technical reports and a public comment form, can be found by visiting the Shire of Broome’s website