What is happening

The Champion Lakes residential estate which began in September 2021, involves the bulk earthworks and civil works associated with the development of new residential lots and the ancillary infrastructure for Stage 7B.

DM Civil Pty Ltd (DM Civil) our appointed contractor anticipate the works to take twelve months (with completion in September 2022). The works will also include the construction of a new entrance road into the estate and a roundabout at the junction of Lake Road and Ypres Road.

These changes will provide alternative access into the Champion Lakes estate and improve traffic on the local road networks. The public reserve shown on the Location Plan within Stage 7B will not form part of these current construction works, however the land will be prepared to enable a future landscape contract to be awarded

Final design post roundabout

Proposed works

Managing Impacts

What will the impacts be and how will they be managed?

  • Road closures at the Ypres Road and Lake Road intersection will be in place periodically throughout the works programme. These closures will restrict vehicle access to and from Ypres Road at the junction with Lake Road. Alternative traffic routes (detours) will be clearly set out.
  • Ypres Road residents where access to their properties is impacted by the works will be communicated with directly by DM Civil to ensure continued access.
  • Lake Road will remain open to northbound and southbound vehicle traffic, however lane closures will be implemented throughout the works with the appropriate traffic management.
  • During works there will be a reduction in traffic speeds to maintain safety with required traffic signs in place.
  • Bus routes (particularly Route 243) will encounter journey detours and the temporary closure of some bus stops. Information on impacted routes and associated detours in place will be communicated by Transperth and have been posted below.
  • Variable Message Boards, traffic management personnel, temporary construction fencing and safety barriers will be installed to guide both pedestrian and vehicle traffic through the area for the duration of the works.
  • DM Civil will be implementing a number of management practices for dust, noise and vibration to reduce the impact on surrounding residents.

Traffic Management

Champion Lakes Roundabout works map

Please see the overall traffic map deviations that will be in place from April 2022.

Traffic Management Plan for works

Please note that the traffic deviations will alter throughout the works and the map below shows the scenario under a full Ypres Road & Lake Road Closure.

Transperth Services Information

Transperth Services Information

243 diversion map

Route 243 will be disrupted to facilitate road works at the intersection of Lake Road and Ypres Road. This will be in effect from Monday 2 May for approximately 7 weeks.

For more details on this service disruption, please visit the Transperth website Route 243 Service Disruption (transperth.wa.gov.au)