DevelopmentWA is proposing an exciting new project at Lot 912 Midland Road, Bushmead

We are proposing to develop the former Bushmead Rifle Range site into a diverse residential community that celebrates the site’s heritage and is sensitive to its surrounding bushland and semi-rural setting.

The 24-hectare site is located just 16km from the Perth CBD and a short distance from the town centres of Guildford, Midland and Kalamunda.

Its close proximity to employment at Midland, Forrestfield and Kewdale, coupled with easy access to Perth Airport, the Perth Hills and the future Forrestfield railway station makes Lot 912 an ideal location for a range of housing choices designed to complement the site's surroundings.

What's happening now

The Metropolitan Region Scheme amendment was approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission on 17 November 2020. Please visit the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage for more details.

The City of Swan has commenced the process to bring the Local Planning Scheme No. 17 to conformity with the MRS Urban zone. Local rezoning is expected to be complete by late 2023.

Engaging with the community

We know the community will be interested in our plans for Lot 912, and we will include opportunities for input as we undertake more detailed planning for the site. We invite you to register to keep updated on the project.

Arial of Bushmead

Our engagement to date

Recent Engagement

On the 11 November 2021, DevelopmentWA recommenced its engagement with previous and new members of the Bushmead community to address the following:

  • Review and discuss the feedback on previous results.
  • A chance for more people to share their feedback on the same questions.
  • Provide any other feedback or comments that DevelopmentWA need to capture going forward to inform the next steps for the Bushmead project.

This was held at the Zig Zag Cultural Center in Kalamunda from 6pm to 7:30pm. There were 29 attendees, ranging from landowners, businesses and interested parties aligned with the area.

Below are the key recommendations for each question asked, to factor into the design guidelines of the Bushmead project.

The feedback provided to us in this workshop, was immensely valuable information and insight into what matters to the Bushmead community, as well as identifying a clearer vision for the planning of the site.

Please see our document library for the full Summary Engagement Report and a copy of the PowerPoint presentation from the session.

Previous Engagement

Online survey results - 15 July 2021

Outcomes from our recent online survey

Future engagement

From here, the team will use the feedback to:

  • Inform the creation of the Local Structure Plan.
  • Submission of Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) approvals.
  • Progress to development and sales.

Please see the below table for estimated timings.

Local Structure Plan (LSP)


Forecast Start

Forecast Finish

Preparation of LSP and supporting technical reports

22-24 months

Nov 2021

Sep 2023

Lodge with City of Swan, City of Swan review, advertising and approval

7 months

Sep 2023

Mar 2024

DPLH review and approval

6 months

Mar 2024

Sep 2024

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC)

DevelopmentWA submits referral to EPBC


Apr 2023

Full assessment and approval

12 months

Apr 2023

Apr 2024

Development and Sales

~5 years

October 2024

October 2029