The Draft Design Guidelines

DevelopmentWA released the Draft Design Guidelines for public comment on Thursday, 15 July 2021. The Bayswater Redevelopment Strategy, which was prepared to inform the provisions of the Draft Design Guidelines, was also made available.

These documents present the Planning Framework for the Bayswater Project Area and set out the vision for Bayswater’s revitalisation. They will guide the creation of a well-designed and connected town centre.

Building on community and stakeholder feedback and planning work undertaken over a number of years, DevelopmentWA welcomed public comment on the Draft Design Guidelines, with consultation closing on Thursday, 26 August 2021. Thank you to everyone who participated in the consultation.

DevelopmentWA is now considering all comments received on the Draft Design Guidelines. Further information will be provided to the community and stakeholders in late 2021.

You can still explore the key elements of the Draft Design Guidelines below or view the full versions in the document library on the right hand panel.

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Bayswater Station is being transformed from a local suburban station into a major transit hub as part of the State Government’s METRONET program.

The Bayswater Project area forms part of METRONET East which includes the revitalisation of existing - and development of new - station precincts at key locations along Perth’s eastern corridor including Bayswater, High Wycombe and Midland.

To learn more about the METRONET East project, visit METRONET East - Overview - DevelopmentWA - Shaping our State's future

The Draft Design Guidelines are intended to guide the vision and objectives for redevelopment in the Bayswater ‘Core Precinct’.

The Guidelines present:

  • the requirements for building design and other development standards for land within the ‘core precinct’
  • detailed guidance for assessing private sector development proposals and include standards such as building design and materials, building height, setbacks and car parking.

View the Draft Design Guidelines.

The Bayswater Redevelopment Strategy focuses on the Bayswater Project Area, and forms part of the Planning Framework for the METRONET East Redevelopment Area which includes Bayswater, High Wycombe and Midland. The Strategy has been prepared from strategic planning and engagement work already undertaken by the City of Bayswater and government agencies. Its purpose is to provide a clear line of sight between DevelopmentWA’s strategic intent for the area and links to other statutory planning documents prepared for the Bayswater project area.

The Strategy presents the:

  • document purpose
  • vision for Bayswater, including the new station precinct
  • key demographics and a real estate market summary
  • six strategic directions, as informed by community and stakeholder feedback, to guide future planning.

View the Redevelopment Strategy.

Significant community input has been sought over a number of years through a variety of engagement methods and channels. This has included one-on-one meetings with stakeholders and community groups/representatives, focus groups, the METRONET Community Advisory Group, letterbox drops, doorknocking and regular email communication.

In September 2020, we asked the community, via a detailed survey, to confirm their vision for the future of Bayswater and identify any gaps or priority areas.

A total of 977 responses were received – this feedback helped shape the Draft Design Guidelines and project direction. View a summary of this community consultation and the key findings.

More recently, between 15 July and 26 August 2021, DevelopmentWA welcomed public comment on the Draft Design Guidelines. This consultation is now closed, and the project team is considering all comments received. Further information on the outcomes of this consultation will be provided in late 2021.

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