Modified Draft Design Guidelines - Now available

Between 15 July and 26 August 2021, the METRONET East-Bayswater Draft Design Guidelines were released for public comment. A comprehensive communication and engagement program was undertaken to inform the public on what was proposed in the Draft Design Guidelines, and encourage feedback through a formal submissions process.

A total of 409 unique public submissions were received on the Draft Design Guidelines.

DevelopmentWA has reviewed all submissions and has made changes to the Design Guidelines.
The modified Draft Design Guidelines, with changes marked in red, and a summary of the feedback received in submissions is now available. Visit the 'Document Library' on the right hand panel.

Our Reach - Highlights

To view more details on how we communicated with and engaged the Bayswater community, view the Fact Sheets in the 'Document Library' on the right hand panel.

Modified Draft Design Guidelines - Sub-Precincts Visions

The updated vision for each sub-precinct is presented on the map below. Further detail is also available in the Document Library and the FAQs on the right hand panel. The precinct names have been updated and reflect the modified guidelines.

Base map

More information

Bayswater Station is being transformed from a local suburban station into a major transit hub as part of the State Government’s METRONET program.

The Bayswater Project area forms part of METRONET East which includes the revitalisation of existing - and development of new - station precincts at key locations along Perth’s eastern corridor including Bayswater, High Wycombe and Midland.

To learn more about the METRONET East project, visit METRONET East - Overview - DevelopmentWA - Shaping our State's future

Significant community input has been sought over a number of years through a variety of engagement methods and channels. This has included one-on-one meetings with stakeholders and community groups/representatives, focus groups, the METRONET Community Advisory Group, letterbox drops, doorknocking and regular email communication.

In September 2020, we asked the community, via a detailed survey, to confirm their vision for the future of Bayswater and identify any gaps or priority areas.

A total of 977 responses were received – this feedback helped shape the Draft Design Guidelines and project direction.

More recently, between 15 July and 26 August 2021, DevelopmentWA welcomed public comment on the Draft Design Guidelines. A total of 409 unique submissions were received and the project team has considered all feedback. For details and the outcomes of consultation, view the information in the Document Library on the right hand panel. In late January 2022, the modified guidelines were published for determination by the Land Redevelopment Committee.

The modified Design Guidelines will be presented to the Land Redevelopment Committee (LRC) for final consideration. If the changes are accepted by the LRC, the modified Design Guidelines will be presented to the DevelopmentWA Board for consideration and adoption.

If you made a formal submission on the draft guidelines, you were sent an email or letter with an invitation to present on your submission at the LRC. The LRC meeting will be held on Monday, 7 February 2022.

Updates will be provided to the community and stakeholders on the outcome of the LRC meeting.

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