Compaction works

Compaction works, including Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) have begun as part of the Stage 1 works at Ocean Reef Marina. RIC works are expected to continue through to September 2024. These works are occurring on reclaimed land and will enable the building of future residential, retail and commercial spaces.

The compacting contractor has advised that during site compaction works, residents may experience some vibrations. When this occurs, it may cause windows, glassware, and ceramics to vibrate. Residents may also hear compaction noise and feel vibrations in certain weather conditions. It is important to note that people's awareness and tolerance for vibration vary, and generally, people can feel vibrations at levels significantly lower than those that could potentially cause damage to a building.

There are guidelines and standards that contractors must adhere to, designed to prevent damage to nearby structures. Given the distance from properties, there is no expectation that the works will cause structural impact to property.

There will be a pause to RIC compaction works from September, with works recommencing in early 2025.

Both vibration and noise is being monitored to ensure there are no exceedances to allowable limits.

These works will be carried out between 7am-7pm Monday – Saturday.

Rapid Impact Construction works
  • Temporary closure of shared path

    See below for details of the diversion during the temporary closure of the shared path.

  • Closure of four boat ramps

    Boat ramps 5, 6, 7, and 8 will be permanently closed from mid April 2024 to enable construction of eight new boat ramps, which will be opened in early/mid 2025.

    Boat ramps 1, 2, 3 and 4 will remain open until the new boat ramps are constructed.

    See the image below for the revised launch and retrieve protocols.

  • Temporary boat trailer parking

    A new temporary boat trailer parking area has been constructed adjacent to the existing boat ramps. The temporary parking area provides the same capacity as the previous trailer parking area, and has been designed in line with Department of Transport’s typical layout plan drawing for a boat launching facility.

  • Road closure

    Boat Harbour Quays access to and from Ocean Reef Road will be closed from early April 2024. Access for public vehicles will be from Hodges Drive.

    Cyclists and pedestrians will have path access along Ocean Reef Road and Hodges Drive, with limited public access within the Marina development area.

    Traffic management will be in place at various times during the course of Stage One works.

  • Additional works:

    • Closure and relocation of public toilets adjacent to new temporary car park.
    • Closure of boat washdown bays and fish cleaning station.
    • Temporary construction fencing around site.
    • Demolition of existing car park.
    • Closure of existing beach area.
    • Minor clearing works in line with environmental and planning approvals.