Construction information and updates

On this page you will find information and updates about the breakwater construction works as part of the Ocean Reef Marina project.

If you'd like to learn more about the project, please visit the Ocean Reef Marina website.

What's happening now

Work is underway to construct two new breakwaters (northern and southern) at Ocean Reef Marina. Works will commence to remove the existing breakwaters in the months ahead.

Two local WA businesses – WA Limestone and Italia Stone Group – are undertaking the works.

Once complete, the new breakwaters will be approximately two kilometres long and around 18.5 metres high from the ocean floor. Connected to the shoreline, these structures will extend offshore and provide calm waters within the marina development.

As safety of the community is paramount, the existing breakwaters are fenced off and no longer accessible for public access or fishing. Access to the current harbour and boat ramp has been maintained.

Breakwater construction commenced in April 2021 and is expected to be complete by mid-late 2022.

All works will be carried out between the hours of 7am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. This includes movement of trucks to and from the sites. In the unlikely event that work needs to take place outside of these hours, we will inform the community in advance of these changes.

For more information on truck movements to and from site, download our Truck Movements Fact Sheet

Earthworks at the northern end of the project, near Resolute Way roundabout, are now complete. These works were necessary to create an access point for limestone and granite deliveries, and a construction zone for the northern breakwater.

The stockpiles of sand at the northern breakwater site have been hyrdomulched (a protective layer) to stabilise the site as part of the project’s dust management plan.

Construction of the northern breakwater commenced late April 2021. Click to view the progress of the northern breakwater.

Trucks are accessing the northern breakwater site via the Resolute Way roundabout. For more information on truck movements to and from site, download our Truck Movements Fact Sheet.

Earthworks are now complete at the southern end of the project, with the construction zone established to the south of the existing boat ramp.

The project site office is operational, construction of the southern breakwater commenced mid-April 2021. Click to view the progress of the southern breakwater.

Trucks are accessing the southern breakwater site via the new, reconfigured Boat Harbour Quays intersection. For more information on truck movements to and from site, download our Truck Movements Fact Sheet.

A monitored 50m ‘Exclusion Zone’ is in place around the breakwater construction area, to maintain the safety of everyone undertaking recreational sea sports, from boating to fishing.

A flashing buoy will sit 100m from the tips of the breakwaters and move as work progresses.

Both the WA Water Police and City of Joondalup rangers are working with the project team to ensure these exclusion areas are not accessed by community members

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