Completion of breakwaters and new site for Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club and Marine Rescue Whitfords

Works on the construction of the breakwaters and the site for the new Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club and Marine Rescue Whitfords facilities are now completed. The next phase of works (Stage 1 works) are expected to commence in early 2024, following mobilisation by the successful contractor.

Site management

The breakwater construction contractor will retain responsibility for the site until the commencement of Stage 1 works. The site has been hydro mulched with an additional application of gluon, to stabilise the area, pending the commencement of Stage 1 works. Dust monitoring will continue onsite, with real time notifications sent to the contractor if any exceedances occur. The contractor will have a water cart on standby to manage any potential dust events.

Boat ramps

The two boat ramps that were temporarily closed to facilitate the initial dredging program within the marina basin were reopened in time for the crayfish ‘whites run’.


Dredging is ongoing. The contractor has encountered more hard rock deep in the marina basin, and this has meant the dredging is taking longer than anticipated. The relocation of the silt curtain and the reopening of the boat ramps means that this ongoing work will not have any further impacts on boat ramp users.

  • Stage One - COMING UP IN 2024

    Stage One works will begin in early 2024. Expected to take around 18 months to complete, these works will create:

    • ~68 single residential lots and three development lots;
    • ~3.4ha of public and community accessible open space, including the waterfront promenade and the beach area;
    • The Marine Enterprise Precinct including more trailer parking bays, newly oriented boat ramps and boat hardstand; and
    • Balance of lots ready for future subdivision.

Work will begin in 2024 to create...

  • Internal works - UNDERWAY

    Internal works began in August 2022. This stage includes landside clearing, earthworks, dredging, land reclamation and partial construction of the internal marine wall. These works prepare the site for future development including the construction of the new Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club and Marine Rescue Whitfords facilities. Dredging is also required to ensure that the water body within the future development provides appropriate depths for vessels and other craft.

  • Breakwater construction - COMPLETED

    Work began in 2021 to construct two new breakwaters (northern and southern) at Ocean Reef Marina. Connected to the shoreline, the breakwaters extend offshore and will provide calm waters within the marina development. As safety of the community is paramount, the existing breakwaters are fenced off and no longer accessible for public access or fishing. Access to the current harbour and boat ramp has been maintained.

Timeline for ORM